​​“Volunteers from Angel Paws bring pets to Providence Park on a daily basis to visit with residents,” said Sandy Wittliff, president of Angel Paws in Waco, an affiliate of Pet Partners. “Although sometimes it is just one pet with one volunteer, other times a group of volunteers bring several dogs and everyone has a really great time.”


teaching moments

​Angel Paws was honored as a BARC Community Partner at the first BARC banquet for our work with the Baylor Recovery Program. Our teams worked alongside staff and volunteers to help bring a sense of well-being to everyone involved. Thank you, BARC!

Did you know a donkey can be a therapy animal too?  Meet one of our newer members, Edwin the Donkey!

Where does Angel Paws visit?  ​​Angel Paws teams visit Providence Hospital, nursing homes, schools, libraries, as well as special events in the Waco area.   Contact us at 254-744-9926 or angelpaws@hot.rr.com if you have a special need or event that you would like to have Angel Paws participate. 

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Is your dog a therapy dog?  Therapy dogs must be comfortable in a variety of situations - smells, noises, and people. Many dogs once out of their comfort zone are not happy, may fear bite or bark. Therapy dogs must be comfortable with many different people touching them, making strange noises and faces.  

Pet Partners of Central Texas (PPCT), formerly Angel Paws, is a nonprofit organization of volunteers in Waco. We visit with people and organizations and we attend a number of local events throughout the year. Members own and train their dogs. PPCT teams consist of a handler and dog or other animal who have been trained to offer consistent, safe attention to those in our care. PPCT teams are registered with Pet Partners, the national nonprofit organization for Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy. Our animals have passed a rigorous Pet Partners test of obedience and fitness to serve, and our handlers have passed a thorough Pet Partners evaluation of effective communication and sustained cooperation with our animals

Community partner award

Baylor Finals De-Stressing with Angel Paws dogs had over 600 students visiting with our Angel Paws 4-legged friends.  The students were very happy to get a hug or pet a dog while taking a break from finals.

Angel Paws 

Animal Assisted Therapy

Some of our teams went to Cove today to give homeless teens something to smile about.

​​Are there age, size or breed restrictions for therapy dogs/animals?

​​Dogs must be at least 1 year old and be able to do the work required as attested to in a comprehensive health screen by a licensed veterinarian and by a licensed evaluator in the required skills & aptitude test but there are no other age, size or breed restrictions imposed by  Pet Partners. Dogs of nearly all sizes and breeds can and have been wonderful Pet Partners - assuming, of course, that all other requirements are met!

Joining Angel Paws - ​​So you have been through the Pet Partner Workshop, evaluation and now have your Pet Partner Registration number.

You are looking for a group to join. If you are in the Waco area you are welcome to fill out the Angel Paws Application. We will review your application. If the board feels you are ready to be mentored your name will be given to one of our experienced members. You will be expected to complete a minimum 3 mentoring sessions. If the mentor feels you are ready to join the member will bring your name to the board along with any notes from the mentoring visits. If the board feels you have passed you will be invited to join the organization.