HOw to become a  pet partners team

Angel Paws is an affiliate of Pet Partners. Members of Angel Paws must be registered with  Pet Partners. Teams are active in a variety of projects in the Central and North Texas areas. Join us for the most rewarding experience of a lifetime!

Step One: pet partners  team training

The course is taught by a  Pet Partner Licensed Instructor and provides highly interactive hands-on training to teach you the skills required to do AAA/T, how to work with special needs populations, basic skills needed to work in different facilities, monitoring your animal's behavior, preparation for the Pet Partner Team evaluation, and the Pet Partner policies and procedures. You will learn training tips for the evaluation as well as to prepare you for the rewarding work in the  Pet Partners Animal Therapy program.

Side Training Note: To move to the next step of the evaluation most people find it helps to attend an obedience course with their dog. This not only helps to create a stronger bond between the handler and dog but any bad habit either you or the dog may have can be corrected before the evaluation and will make your evaluation much more successful. There are many great places to take obedience courses. It is critical that it is with a positive reinforcement trainer.​

Mission Statement

Step two: pet partners team evaluation

You must attend a  Pet Partners Training course or an online class before team evaluations. These evaluations show you and your pet's skill and aptitude to work as a  Pet Partner team. An appropriate team demonstrates reliability, controllability, and predictability, works well together and inspires confidence in the people with whom they visit. Unlike agility and conformation, this is not about walking in front of a judge or winning the most points. It is about teamwork and how well you work together in difficult environments. It requires continuous interaction between the animal and handler, as well as with the people you are visiting. How you handle your dog and interact with your dog and the evaluators is the basis of the evaluation.​


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​Hospitals and Nursing Homes


Angel Paws' mission is to help motivate people to heal physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually, fostering an improved sense of well-being from receiving Animal-Assisted Therapy. Our focus is on the wholeness of each person we serve. Our goal is to promote the human-animal bond through the development of Animal-Assisted Activities/Therapy (AAA/T) programs and to increase public awareness of AAA/T benefits. Our hope is that our animals continue to bring amazing love and kindness to human life, promoting a natural healing for all.

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